In english Introduction to the club

Aarhus Climbing Club is non-commercial and driven by and for it´s voluntary members.

As a result of our status as non-commercial club:

  • The club does not offer specialized private events such as parties or excursions. Kindly go to Klatresjov for commercial offers on climbing activities. The only exception to this being schools and certified institutions. 
  • The club grants access to our facilities only to registered members and their private guests.

If you wish to see the facilities before requesting a membership, you can:

  • Come along as a guest together with a personal friend of yours, being member if a duty person/nøglevagt is on duty.
    • The club manager is never that duty person/nøglevagt.
  • Sign up for one of the free climbing sessions on Thursdays from 5pm and 7pm.
  • Make a personal arrangement with the club manager in order to only see the club.

For further information please contact