In English Introduction to the club

Information about climbing facilities and membership to Aarhus Climbing Club (ÅK)


ÅK is a non-commercial climbing club driven by a host of volunteers. As a result of our status as non commercial club, we only grant access to our facilities to registered members and their private guests. If you wish to see the facilities before requesting a membership, you can try to find a member who will bring you as a guest (also see below for guest rules), or you can visit the gym as an observer only, when a duty person (in Danish: “nøglevagt”) is available. Check the google calendar/"nøglevagter" entry at the front page to see when a nøglevagt will be present. A name written next to a time slot means that a nøglevagt is available.

Being a non-commercial club also means that ÅK does not offer specialized private events such as parties or excursions. Kindly go to DGI-huset Aarhus for commercial offers on climbing activities.

For further information please contact