Below you can see the various prices for members and private guests


All memberships (except the monthly membership) run until ultimo February, but can be purchased at a reduced price throughout the year depending on the time of registration (see below).

One-day climbing pass for private guests (including free rent of shoes and harness)

50 kr. 

Membership registration fee

100 kr. 

Membership for seniors/juniors (valid from March until ultimo February)

1650 kr. / 825 kr. 

Membership for seniors/juniors (valid from September until ultimo February)

1050 kr. / 525 kr. 

Membership for seniors/juniors (valid from November until ultimo February)

850 kr. / 425 kr. 

Membership for seniors/juniors (valid for 14 months from January until ultimo February)

1850 kr. / 925 kr. 

Monthly membership (see 'Become a Member' for more info)

250 kr. pr. month 

Belay certificate annual fee (you always pay the same for the rest of the year until ultimo February)

100 kr. 

Prices last updated: January 17th 2017


Children under 10 years...

 Children below the age of 10 can climb for free in company with an adult paying member.