Dear athletes and spectators for the Danish and Nordic Lead Championships (Youth A+B and seniors).

Below we have collected some info which we hope you will find helpful.

Also you can check the official invitation and the Danish Climbing Federations site for the event.

1 event 2 areas

Hosting such big an event is challenging for a club our size and we have therefore created multiple areas.

At The competition venue (our club) you will find:

  • Athletes sign-in
  • Changing rooms
  • Devices for demos of qualification routes
  • 2 toilets
  • Warm-up/isolation area
  • Café
  • Small chill out area
  • Competition walls

At the Food & chill out area (100 meters from the club) you will find:

  • Cafeteria with shawarma, falafels and more (opening hours: 10-?).
  • Big chill out area for athletes and spectators alike (hopefully with live streaming).
  • Dedicated chill out area for volunteers (1st floor)
  • 2 toilets

If you feel like eating some more/staying a bit longer after the event the Food & chill out area (cafeteria included) will be open if needed. 

You are of course welcome to bring your own food, but please understand that we are ONLY able to cover the expenses for this kind of event if you support us.

Please note that the Food & chill out area is the ONLY place you can pay cash (DKK) since we in general only accept the below options.



Can I only have one go?

We understand that many of you have had a long journey to take part in this one-day event and know the eagerness to give a route a couple of shots more. Therefore, all athletes are more than welcome to return to The competition venue on the 25th of November from 9am, for the price of 25 DKK/person.

Please also check out the event on Facebook and Youtube.