Rules for Bringing Private Guests

Rules for private guests (Guest Rules):

Being a senior member you are allowed to bring private guests to the gym, as long as you comply with the following rules:

  • Members’ private guests have to be registered by a voluntaryt duty person within the duty hours before climbing. Duty hours are announced on the front page (see the tab "Nøglevagtskalender").
  • The club manager is NEVER that duty person.
  • Guests can stay in the facilities with the host member until 23:30, if a member of the club holding a key-card is present
  • Guests can not belay/lead climb, unless they can show a danish belay certificate or have been approved by a voluntary instructor (if one is to be found). 
  • Guests must follow the clubs regulations and the safety rules.
  • Each member can bring a maximum of four guests at a time
  • Each guest will have to pay 60 kr. and additional for shoerental (20 kr./pair).