As an adult (18+) you can choose between annual and monthly membership.

The annual membership is for you who are new to the sport or prefers the membership that is cheapest on the long run. Importantly only this membership gives you key access to the club (not having opening hours) and it´s possibilities. This is the most common membership to choose and this is what you get:


To get this membership you need to sign up for one of the monthly introevenings found below.


With The monthly membership you can only be a member of the club for 6 continual months, and with this membership you are not entitled to get key access or enjoy other services provided by the club. If you are experienced and have belay skills beforehand you can ask a voluntary instructor to give you a check. This is mandatory for doing any belaying or lead climbing.  Otherwise you can only do bouldering.Not having key access you can only climb when other members are present.

To get this membership you need to contact the club manager before hand and make an appointment with him within his working hours (9am-17pm)


A good way to try out the place is to sign up for one of the "free guest climbing"-sessions.

Almindeligt medlemskab


If you are between 10 and 17 years of age you can get a junior membership. (Kids younger than 10 are considered a "part of" the adult member bringing them).

As a junior you will have the opportunity to apply for the  junior team climbing and the junior elite climbing, but acceptance to these teams are not guaranteed. 


A junior membership entitles you to:

1. Climb in the presence of an adult who takes on the full responsibility

2. Apply for acceptance on the junior team and junior elite team

3. Take part in members-only activities, such as lectures or parties

4. Become a volunteer in the different teams and receive education in regard to your responsibilities

5. Receive belay courses after you've turned 15

6. Acquire a 24 hour keycard access to the gym after you've turned 15


If you wish to be admitted through annual junior membership, you have contact the secretary within his office hours which are announced in the calender. The office hours are named "Klubvært kontortid" in the Danish calender.